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The European Center for Training and Consultation in the Netherlands signed a joint work and twinning agreement with the Pioneers Center for Electronic Management - Amman / Jordan. And it was decided to assign Dr. Safaa Al-Din Mouloud Al-Khalidi as head of the European Center for Training and Consultation in the Netherlands.

About the institution

Pioneers of electronic management

The Foundation for Electronic Management was established in 2001 and is managed by Dr. Safaa El-Din Mouloud Al-Khalidi, the international expert in training. (IC3), (UNESCO) to grant the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) and (ETS) to hold international TOEFL exams. And its certificates are accredited all over the world, and it is registered with the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade under No. 87583 on 1/24/2001 and licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Education under No. 1/3/23316


The Foundation accredits a group of academics, experts, consultants and trainers with experience and competence to hold conferences and implement training courses and programs in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and European countries and in the fields ((administrative, financial, accounting, legal, security, technical, engineering, environmental, agricultural, public health, oil and information technology)) I contributed to training and qualifying a large number of cadres of Iraqi and Arab public and private institutions and in all of the above fields.

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