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Dr. Majid Khalil, President of the Federation, holds a meeting at the Federation's headquarters - The Hague - Netherlands - with German Senator Carsten Finbrier and German Senator Ghassan Khatib On Wednesday, August 17, 2016, in the presence of the President of the European International Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the President of the European Center for Development and Investment, it was agreed on the paragraphs included in the minutes of the meeting, and the meeting was concluded and the agreement was signed by honoring them This is due to their distinguished efforts and perseverance in economic and humanitarian work and their benevolent efforts to support people with special needs.

Dr. Majid Khalil / Chairman of the Council A meeting was held with His Excellency the Iraqi Ambassador Siwan Barzani at the Iraqi Embassy in The Hague/Netherlands A number of topics of common interest were discussed and setting up a mechanism for cooperation between Economic, charitable and professional institutions in Iraq And the management of the Council of Ambassadors, and the meeting was concluded by agreement On another meeting at the Union headquarters, the reception was distinguished

Dr. Majid Khalil / Chairman of the Council held a meeting at the Union headquarters with a number of Iraqi businessmen on the sidelines of their visit to the Netherlands. Cooperation in the field of social responsibility was discussed. The meeting took place in the hope that we will meet again in Erbil to sign a cooperation protocol in the humanitarian field and social responsibility.

Headed by Dr. Majid Khalil Hussein, President of the Union of Arab Economists and Administrators in the European Union The meeting of the heads of the European centers in the Union, which was held in Doha for the period from 29 to 30 June 2013. At the invitation of Dr. Ali Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, Vice President of the Union for External Relations and Head of the Al-Badil Center for Consultations and Events Organization And conferences Sponsor of the activities of the forum














The meeting included a large number of experts and heads of professional centers in the federation, who were nominated from various Arab countries.  












Dr. Majid Khalil, President of the Federation, opened the conference with his speech, saying: When experts and heads of centers of the Union of Arab Economists and Administrators meet in the European Union One stands helpless in front of this professional dream, which, thanks to those in charge of it, has turned into a professional system that aims to build professional bridges between East and West. Dr. Majid Khalil praised and thanked all those present and wished them and the federation success in its goals and what it came for. Dr. Majeed touched on the hoped-for role of the union















The convening of this conference comes as a continuation of a series of events that the federation will organize at the Arab and European levels and in the various specializations and fields in which the federation is active. Where the Doha meeting constituted a good opportunity to discuss the economic, cultural and social challenges that the world is witnessing today, and to formulate balanced visions to enhance and activate positive relations between our Arab and Islamic countries and the countries of the European Union, and its reflection in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.


















During the meeting, the federation's new identity and a guide to its activities in the Arab region were inaugurated. On the sidelines of the conference, an economic meeting entitled (Investment Opportunities in Education) was held in the presence of Arab and European businessmen and women. .









Also, during the conference, heads of professional centers were honored and awarded certificates of leadership of centers affiliated with the Federation in the fields of economy, management, social responsibility, civil society organizations, quality and excellence, information and communication technology, as well as centers for supporting and rehabilitating people with special needs, research and studies with a strategic dimension, civilizational communication, peace and social security, and other disciplines..




The conference included the speeches of the heads of the centers in the Federation and the future projects of the Federation and its affiliated centers Where the meeting was a major event to pour efforts into the development of administrative and economic relations in various fields between the Arab and Islamic countries and the countries of the European Union One of the program of the meeting was to make field visits by the president of the federation and the conferees to some of the official institutions in the country, where the president of the federation, Dr. Majid Khalil, and the conferees met separately, His Excellency Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, Minister of Culture and Arts in the State of Qatar.



Economic and administrative activity between the Arab and Islamic countries and the countries of the European Union. On the other hand, His Excellency Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, Minister of Culture and Arts in the State of Qatar, expressed his happiness and wishes to the Federation and its professional centers for success in its work tasks and future goals.











The two sides exchanged souvenirs They also met with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was represented by His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Al Abdili, a member of the Chamber's Board of Directors, representing His Excellency the President of the Chamber.























And many of Arab newspapers and websites covered the event and wrote many articles about it. Below is an aspect of some of what the Arab press reported on the meeting​.





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