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Board of Directors of the Union

  1. Dr. Mjid Khalil Hussein Dutch citizen , Iraqi Nationality , Chairman of the Board of Directors, International Union  of Economists and Managers  in  the European Union,  the Previous  Deputy Chairman of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Montreal - Canada, Chairman of the Iraqi Mission to the World Air Council Montreal - Canada, Diplomat Ambassador .
    and Director General of Civil Aviation Iraq for 11 years from 1978 to 1989  ,
     chairman of Golden Enterprises

  2.  Dr. Ali Abdullah Al-Ibrahim, Qatar Nationality  Vice Chairman of the council for Honors, Creativity and Excellence, and Chairman of Al-Badil Center for Training and Consultancy.

  3. Counselor Dr. Mayser Siddiq Egyptian  Nationality Resident in Qatar Vice Chairman of the council for  of Economic Activities , Vice Chairman of IBHAR Enterprises.

  4. Professor Dr. Saleh Hashim Egyptian Nationality ,  former  Chairman of the Union of Arab universities, and a member of the Board of Trustees of Ain Shams University Cairo.

  5.  Dr. Intesar Ahmed Dawood  , Saudi Arabia Nationality ,  Ambassador of Social Responsibility in the Regional Social Responsibility Network.

  6.  Mr. Henny Van Almen, Dutch Nationality ,  chairman  of the International  European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands.

  7. Mr. J.A.E Mulder Dutch Nationality chairman  of the charitable institution

  8. Senator Dr. Charsten Wienbreyer German Nationality  Member of the European Senate (Wirtschaftskomitee Deutschland e.V. – WBA) and Global Compact UN 

  9. Senator Dr. Ghassan Khatib German Nationality   , President of the Section Near and Middle East of the European Senate (Wirtschaftskomitee Deutschland e.V. - WBA )

  10. Mr. Adil Majid Dutch Nationality The Union Admonition Manager

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