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The international  Union of Economists and Managers in the European Union
 (IUEMEUC ) is a professional non-profitable organization, which established in the Netherlands chamber of commerce. 
The Union is accredited officially  by the European Commission .

The main target of  The Union is to provide and establish professional bridges and relations between the Arab countries and European union countries through professional and economical partnerships and relations. The Union was established by many top scientists and experts who are resident in Europe in cooperation with many colleagues from homeland.
The Union administrative board includes selected members  to supervise jointly the Union and its branches activities, as well as to select one of his members to be the president of the Union and authorized him all the rights, whereby, Prof. Dr. Majid Khalil Hussain was anonymously selected as a president of the Union.
Moreover, the  union includes the
(  International  Ambassadors council for social responsibilities  ) .
 and  more than twenty professional different centers, which supervised by administrative board, advisory board and chairman’s of the European professional centers which are linked to the Union.



The objectives of the Union are:

  1. Developing and encouraging the scientific research in the economic, administrative, statistic, social, cultural and scientific fields in addition of civilized communication and social responsibility.

  2. Developing and catalyzing the national economy in each international and European countries through encouraging the economical cooperation and establishing relation between international businessmen and businesswomen and their partners as well as organizing exhibitions and activities in all fields.

  3. Issuing scientific studies and papers in addition to organizing meetings and conferences in economic, administrative, cultural, social and professional fields.

  4. Encourage the cooperation, exchange experience between researchers and workers in the economic, statistical and administrative fields which are not in contrast with legislation and regulations of international  and European Union countries and International laws.

  5. Documenting and storage of the economic, administrative, cultural, and professional information in special libraries which are free to use by researchers.

  6. Cooperation with research centers and scientific societies according to the Union statute.

  7.  Developing the scientific and academic efficiency of the Union members and fellows.

  8. Developing and supporting the relations with the Arab, European and International research institutes.

  9.  Developing the relations with decision makers in the international  and European countries as well as to establish parallel relations with all professional organizations which agreed with the Union targets in order to build a foundation of wide professional relations.

10-  Annual award celebration for distinguished persons or institutes from  international and European Union countries  in the fields of economy, administration, civilized communications, social security and international relations which held in a central celebration. This honor celebration is for figures and institutes who achieve the Union objectives in bridging the Global -European relations via professional partnerships.

    The Union mission is to achieve, through developing the efficiency and activity of the Union and its professional centers, to be a sole partner in the Arab developing operations and participating in the World - European bridging through the activities, services, specific training, professional consultancies, field studies and specific technology in partnership with the specialized institutes in the European Union countries.
International  Ambassadors council for social responsibilities : 

The Council of the International Ambassadors for social responsibilities  is a group of highly standard intellectual figures in their countries whom have the influence in the field of assistance in the humanitarian zone, dissemination of culture and awareness in order to create the best achievements, to deepen the principles of the social and economic responsibility as well as establishing the sustainable development, the effective and serious contribution for its success.

The union includes more than twenty professionally Department :

1 - European Centre for businessmen.
2 - European Centre for Businesswomen.
3 - European Centre for International Arbitration.
4 - European Centre for Conferences and Exhibitions.
5 - European Centre for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arabic Dutch.
6 - European Center for Press and Media.
7 - European Center for Human Rights.
8 - European Center for civil society organisations.
9 - The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies and Research.
10 - European Centre for Training and Human Resources Development.
11 - European Centre for Cultural Understanding.
12 - European Centre for International Relations.
13 - European Centre for Information and Communication Technologies.
14 - International Center for Intellectual Property.
15 - International Centre for people with special needs.
16 - European Centre for Quality and Excellence.
17 - European Centre for Banking and Financial Studies.
18 - European Centre for Project Management.
19 - European Centre for Social Responsibility.
20 - European Consulting Center and university services and schools ( high quality ).


These centers are headed by a number professional and administrative figures.   

The Union had successfully organized two general scientific conferences:

1- 1st general scientific conference in Qatar State in 2012 under the patronage of the      Minister of culture and arts.

2- 2nd general scientific conference in Bahrain Kingdom in 2013 under the patronage     of HRH Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman AL-Khalifa, Prime Minister of Bahrain who was     nominated by the Union as the Global figure of international relation and awarded       the Union Prize for the year 2013. 


The Union had successfully organized two International  Ambassadors council for social responsibilities meetings in The Hague and Doha, as well as the union has ben  participated and sponsored  many economic and administrative  activities , conferences and seminars around the world .

The International Union of Economists and Managers in the

                                    European union countries


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