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 جرى في مقر مجموعة شركات ابهار في الدوحة وبحضور عدد كبير من المدعوين, حفل تسليم الدكتور مجيد خليل رئيس الاتحاد رئيس مجلس الادارة, كتاب شكر وتقدير لرعايته الدولية لمعرض مجموعة شركات ابهار في  قطر الدوحة  2016   للمرة الثانية

وقد قام الدکتور میسر صدیق بتأریخ ٢٤-٣-٢٠١٦ الرئیس التنفیذی لمجوعة شرکات إبهار والشریك لسعادة الشیخ محمد بن حمد ال ثانی رئيس مجلس الادارة  , بتقدیم كتاب شکر و تقدیر

Dr. Majid Khalil, president of the council a meeting was held with Iraqi Ambassador Saiwan Barazani in the Iraqi Embassy in the Hague / the Netherlands. A number of topics of mutual  interest were discussed and a mechanism for cooperation between the economic , charitable and professional institutions in Iraq and the management of the council of Ambassadors and the meeting was concluded by agreement on another meeting at the headquarters of the union and the reception was distinctive.

The UAEMEU Activity

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The International Union Of Economists And Managers In The European Union Countries.

Decided to assign Senator Dr. Charsten Wienbreyer as the president of the Union in addition to his Original duties until further notice.

Union Relocation

The International Union Of Economists And Managers In The European Union Countries.

Is an independent organization aiming for strengthening the relationship with the  economic & humanitarian  committees in the European commission in Brussels and building professional links between  East and West.

This non-profit organisation was established in the Netherlands / The Hague. 

The Union is accredited officially by the European Commission in Brussels.


Dr. Majid Khalil , president of the union holds in The Hague , Netherlands, with German Senator h.c. Charsten Wienbreyer member of the European Senate  and German Senator h.c. Ghassan Al Khatib president of the Section Near and Middle East of the European Senate in Germany Republic .

The nomination of His Excellency Dr.Abdul Latif Al - Humim ، Chairman of the Sunni Al waqf in Iraq.
His Excellency Dr.Abdul Latif Al - Humim,

Honorary Professor Namadar Qardagi

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